Take Control

  • Local Control Amendment to State Constitution

  • Establish a Public Bank

From the Inland Port to sales tax, from air quality to quality of life, the Utah State Legislature regularly interferes in the internal affairs of cities across our great state. To thrive, cities need to innovate, and that’s not possible when our relationship with State leadership is so poorly defined.

That’s why Salt Lake City needs to lead a coalition of cities and citizens and legislators from around the state to pass a local control amendment to Utah’s constitution, an amendment that guarantees cities the right to govern ourselves.

We must also take control of our own finances, establishing a public bank. The Public Bank of Salt Lake City would leverage our city’s assets to fund projects that align with our values and priorities—and then channel the interest those loans make back into our neighborhoods. This widespread practice of smart governments around the world is an idea whose time has come for Salt Lake City.