Heal Our City

  • A Multi-lingual City

  • Empowered Neighborhoods

  • “Open-door” Building & Business Codes

Our City is divided. Physically, linguistically, socioeconomically. A divided city is a weakened city. Immigrants, those with disabilities, those struggling to make ends meet—they all bring something amazing to the table.

  • Citizens of Salt Lake City speak dozens of languages—we will all be better served with an expanded commitment to delivering City services in the languages of our neighborhoods.

  • Our neighborhood councils need to be empowered—that means funded and staffed—not only to give voice to our neighborhoods but also to provide a launchpad for a more diverse generation of politicians.

  • And we can heal our city by recognizing that our building and business codes are doorways to economic opportunity—and they’re too often closed for folks who lack funds to hire lawyers. Closed to people who lack the time needed to personally chase paperwork for days, or weeks, or months… We need building and business codes that open doors of opportunity.