Face Our Future

  • Twice the Population

  • Climate Change

  • The Big One

  • Resiliency Planning

While we are tackling the problems of today, we need to lay the groundwork so we’re ready for the big problems of tomorrow. Right now, the plan is praying… Praying the “Big One” doesn’t strike in our lifetime, praying climate change isn’t as bad as predicted, praying that somehow doubling our population doesn’t deliver twice the people, twice the cars, and four times the headaches.

  • Future-facing cities tackle big problems, head-on.

  • Future-facing cities make good, incremental development legal and profitable.

  • Future-facing cities make choosing to walk, ride, or roll a viable and attractive alternative to driving.

  • They prepare their neighborhoods to not only fight drought, but to deal with monster rain storms and torrential flooding.

Future-facing cities are ready for the hard things so that we can grow with confidence that what we build will stand the test of time!