Carbon-free by 2023



Joint Statement from Salt Lake City mayoral candidates David Garbett, Stan Penfold, & Christian Harrison Regarding Salt Lake City’s New “100% Renewable Energy by 2030” Goal

This week, the mayor’s office proposed powering all of Salt Lake City with 100% clean energy by 2030 — two years earlier than previously announced. We commend the move, but it is not enough. While this was once ambitious, we now have even less time to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to join the global effort to reverse the course of climate change. The science is clear: we must act sooner. The window for meaningful action is closing, and 2030 is too far into the future.

Salt Lake City mayoral candidates David Garbett, Stan Penfold, and Christian Harrison are committed to converting Salt Lake City to 100% renewable energy by 2023.

Not only does this address climate change, it also makes economic sense. Old, outmoded coal-fired power plants now cost more to run than using wind or solar. The sooner Salt Lake City makes the switch, the sooner our citizens benefit from making the right choice on climate change — until then, we’re all paying more.

Fortunately, delay isn’t necessary. In making the switch to 100% renewable energy, we reduce Salt Lake City’s carbon footprint by half. This is why it is critical that Salt Lake City’s next mayor works aggressively to bring all to the table and make this happen now.

Climate change demands swift, decisive action. Carbon free by 2023 is the right choice for our kids, our neighbors, and our future.