This is bigger than Salt Lake City. 

In crafting my vision for Salt Lake City, I understood clearly that Salt Lake City’s future is bound in a million little ways to the future of our state and region. As Utah’s capital and largest city, we had an opportunity—and responsibility—to expand our vision beyond our border and to use our unique position and greater resources to make a real difference in the lives of people around the state.

Let me highlight just three of our initiatives that would pay big dividends, statewide…

Local Control Amendment

From the Inland Port to sales tax, from air quality to quality of life, the Utah State Legislature regularly interferes in the internal affairs of cities across our great state. To thrive, cities need to innovate, and that’s not possible when the relationship between cities and the State is so poorly defined.

That’s why Salt Lake City needs to lead a coalition of cities and citizens and legislators from around the state to pass a local control amendment to Utah’s constitution, an amendment that guarantees cities the right to govern ourselves.


  • Sales and property taxes that match and fund local priorities

  • Control of the day-to-day operations of your city

  • The chance to innovate on behalf of your own citizens without State interference

Regional Rail

Connecting Salt Lake City to the rest of the state via rail is within our reach. By bringing state-sponsored Amtrak service to Utah, it’s possible to get statewide rail service for a fraction of the cost—and a fraction of the time—making statewide rail service achievable within a few years (rather than a couple decades).


  • Mobility independence that stretches statewide

  • Even more travel options for Utah’s tourists

  • Rural economic development and diversification

  • More housing options for folks who work along the Wasatch Front (which buys us more time to accommodate more residents)

  • Improved air quality

Public Banking

Smart governments around the world have used publicly chartered banks to pursue development and social objectives while earning great returns for their citizens on their pool of liquid assets.

The Public Bank of Salt Lake City would leverage our city’s assets to fund projects that align with our values and priorities—and then channel the interest those loans generate back into our neighborhoods.

Once proven in Salt Lake City, we have no doubt that other Utah cities and regions would follow suit, claiming for themselves greater financial autonomy.


  • More resources to fund municipal priorities

  • Making tax revenue go further

  • A platform to serve your city’s un- and under-banked citizens (around 15% of our state’s citizens)



Want to make these initiatives a reality? Help us share our vision with Salt Lake City’s voters.