What’s my vision for Salt Lake City?


It’s a vision of a world-class city, with world-class neighborhoods that each are part of a thriving, cohesive whole… of a government our citizens trust, that sets aside playground politics and gets to work on the big challenges we face… of a plan for protecting and empowering the next generation, not just for winning the next election… and of an administration that looks beyond Salt Lake City and uses its status as Utah’s capital and largest city to improve the wellbeing of Utahns up and down the state.


Issues We All Care About

Caring for Our Homeless Neighbors

I’m proud of the work I’ve done in pursuing dignity, safety, and opportunity for my homeless neighbors—but there’s still so much work to be done. We have to complete the transition to a scattered site services model—and we have to deliver services to people where they are, which means bringing more cities on-board. We also have to serve those who are service-resistant. It’s a big job, but we’re up to the challenge. More…

Air Quality

It’s a regional issue with real human costs. And while we’re working towards real movement from folks at the state and federal level, there’s plenty we can do, right here in Salt Lake City.

Planning for Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is more than just purpose-built subsidized housing. A lot more… and if we’re going to fend off becoming the next Seattle—where friends and family are priced out of town—then we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. And it starts with tackling the root causes of our current crisis. More…

Mobility Independence

A city committed to transportation independence helps our kids get to school, our seniors age in place, our working poor pay the bills, our retailers attract customers, and our neighborhoods remain neighborly. That commitment means prioritizing a rich transit ecosystem that provides a viable and attractive alternative to driving and one that doesn’t leave folks behind. More…

The Inland Port

Air quality, environmental degradation, freight traffic, and shenanigans by the State Legislature. This issue has a little something for everyone. Our lands need to serve our people and our priorities—and the lands on our west side, especially, need to serve our west neighborhoods.


How do we get there?

Heal Our City

We’ll never reach our full potential until everyone has a seat at the table.

Take Control

Cities need the freedom to innovate, write their own policies, and chart their own course.

Reboot City Hall

Leadership, power sharing, respect. Nothing gets done without getting our own house in order.

Face Our Future

A population boom. The Big One. Climate change. We’ve got some big work ahead of us.


Who am I?


My name is Christian Harrison

I’m a social innovator, a nonprofit professional, a tech entrepreneur, and a community activist. For 15 years I’ve made Salt Lake City my home. And for the last last 13 years, I’ve served the people of Salt Lake City as president and chair of the Downtown Community Council, where I’ve worked to help this city grow and thrive.

What am I for?

  • I’m for building resilient systems rooted in optimism

  • I’m for committing to sound policy and hard work

  • I’m for bringing everyone to the table

  • I’m for choosing to shape change — not resist it

People ask me what I’m for… I’m for Salt Lake City!